Ex LEASE RXV Brand New Lithium Battery!

Awesome model in great condition
Brand new windscreen
Brand new Lithium Battery
Comes with Brand new Premium Seats $1200, Brand new LITHIUM battery $3650, Used MAG’s $800
4-year warranty on Cart and Lithium Battery!

EZGO Hauler Pro

This was excess to an order of custom coloured Hauler Pro’s. Brand new, includes awesome red paint job, 72volts, 2 year warranty.
$18900 + gst reduced to $18400 + gst


EZGO RXV petrol! Brand new and rearing to go. Ivory with 2 year warranty, roof and split screens.
$10850 + gst includes the upgraded alloy mag wheels at half price!

Ex LEASE RXV *** Lithium!

Approx. 4-5 years old.
Brand new windscreen.
4-year warranty on Cart and Lithium Battery!
Stock available in white.
NOTE: Can’t be used with any other offer. Limited stock, so first in first served.